Amadeus Wine Distributors
A boutique distribution partner for hand-crafted wines
Welcome to Amadeus Wine Distributors

Amadeus Wine Distributors serves the greater Seattle area with
exceptional customer service and attention to detail. Currently we
represent o
ver 20 wineries from California, Oregon, and Washington.
Over the next year we will expand and double our selection.

Amadeus Wine Distributors will maintain the model of being a
boutique style, privately owned wine distribution and marketing
company; committed to providing an exceptional level of service to
our sales team, wineries, and buyers.

Our selection of small production, hand-crafted wines are chosen
because of their excellent price per value and the winemakers’
attention to detail. We will always be a boutique style company and
work only with wineries that are compatible with our mission of
sharing every wine’s story with buyers and consumers.